About Us

Landbank Property Consultants LTD was established in 2009 to provide high-end advisory services.

Landbank Property Consultants LTD was established in 2009 envisioning to provide its clients with high-end, bespoke advisory services on the Cyprus property market. Our principles are built upon two fundamental pillars: our clients’ unique requirements when purchasing a home, business or investment property, and our extensive and unparallel knowledge of the local property market. Hence, we have formulated a structured and well-informed approach that ensures our property experts can provide the best possible solutions for your needs.


Our approach

  • Connect – We actively and diligently listen to your requirements. Our advisors examine your all-important variables such as property specifications, preferred property location, budget and methods of financing. Only then will we devise a strategic plan of action to ensure your expectations are fulfilled.
  • Research – We will explore our rich property portfolio and filter all available selections that best match your preferred criteria. Together we will go through all the selected property options and help you prioritize.
  • Negotiate – We negotiate on your behalf in order to secure the best possible deal. If your intention is to lease, we can advise you on the appropriate rent, lease length and rent reviews.
  • Finalize – We are always willing to undertake the conveyance procedure and tax clearance in order to complete the deal and transfer the property into your name.


Why Landbank Property Consultants

Exceptional Service

We treat our clients’ needs with privacy and due care. Our property experts provide robust opinions and safeguard your interests.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our property consultants have the knowledge and experience to approach each case individually, and systematically provide bespoke solutions.

Selected portfolio of properties

Our enhanced property portfolio is regularly updated which in turn allows for a vast array of selection criteria.


Through social and digital media, and bespoke marketing campaigns, we ensure maximum exposure of our client’s properties.

We stand out from traditional estate agents in that our experts are well-trained property valuers that deal with hundreds of surveys and valuations.